About Us - the long story

Colin recounts, how the name HUDDY’S came about, and where the inspiration for the shop came from.

The Huddy’s name goes back to the early 60’s when my late father, who was the founder headmaster of  Treverton – was called Mr Huddy by the boys as Hudson-Reed was a bit of a mouth full.

The name stuck.  It’s been  passed down the line to his children and grandchildren.

In the early 80’s my brother Donald started trading in bric-a-brac, collectables, furniture, cars …. actually anything. Donald started Huddy’s, the ‘junk shop’, which soon become a landmark in PMB. 

As a student boarding with him, I was dragged off every  Saturday morning to auctions. I started buying books and soon started doing  flea markets to earn extra money as a poor student.

I left Pietermaritzburg after I graduated, for a few years and had a shop in Mossel Bay and Paarl, and discovered collectable books and more specifically Africana. As a History major I’ve always had a passion for our countries history. 

When Donald passed away I took over the use of the name Huddy’s. In 2010 we started Huddy’s Books and Collectables at Piggly Wiggly – Lions River.

We sell quality second hand and collectable books, of all genres. I  have a special interest in Africana and rare limited edition books – many of the more collectable books now find there way to our ONLINE BOOK AUCTIONS, which have become a great addition to our business.

Our shop is worth a visit – for the book lover and lover of curiosities.